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We cannot order men to see the truth or prohibit them from indulging in error.             Max Planck, Philosophy of Physics, 1936.


WMAP: A Radiological Analysis (11/1/06)
On the Origins of the CMB (11/1/06)
The Solar Photosphere: Evidence for Condensed Matter (2/1/06)
An Analysis of Universality in Blackbody Radiation (2/1/06)
On the Validity of Kirchhoff's Law of Thermal Emission (7/1/05)
Article (PDF) placed in the New York Times (3/17/2002) or (html version)
Evidence for a liquid (dense) photosphere (12/18/03)
A High Temperature Liquid Plasma Model of the Sun (4 Oct 2004)
13 Pieces of Evidence - Research Disclosure 12/20/05
On Universality in Blackbody Radiation (7/1/05)


These pages were written in order to help bring to light issues in Thermal Physics. If you are new to thermalphysics.org, you should begin by reading the warning. You may also be interested in the essays on Planck and the Little Heat Engine. The thermal natures of MRI and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) will eventually be discussed. Thermalphysics.org contains numerous images and links to other web sites, including links to NASA's COBE, MAP and SOHO satellites.